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Honey and Co: The Food Sessions

Honey & Co: The Food Sessions MIX TAPE


Welcome back to Honey & Co: The Food Talks with Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

It's been a year. And what a year. We're back with a revival of the podcast, starting with a MIX TAPE for you. If you're of a certain age you'll know all about mix tapes, an expression of love in compilation form. So from us to you, this is our mix tape for you, featuring our best, tastiest, crispiest, sweetest bits so far from all our previous episodes.

If you're new to the podcast this is an excellent place to start. Featuring Claudia Roden, Michael Rakowitz, Samin Nosrat, Fernando Laposse, Max Halley, Olia Hercules, Andi Oliver and our very own Bridget Fojcik.

If you like what you hear you should definitely delve back further into previous episodes, and look out for our new series coming, which is all about our new book Chasing Smoke.


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With thanks to:

Miranda Hinkley our producer

Richard Ward for additional production

John Scott our sound engineer

Hester Cant who produced some of these episodes

Louisa Cornford our comms manager

And Daniel Winshall for our new theme music



by Honey & Co.