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We're back with a new series of Honey & Co: The Food Talks all about our new cookbook CHASING SMOKE.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there's fire there's delicious food to share, and friendships and memories to make.

CHASING SMOKE is a record of our travels around the Levant, chasing and cooking over fire on grills, beaches and bonfires. For the next five weeks we'll be sharing travel stories with you, cooking recipes from our trip and catching up with some of the friends we made in each of the five countries that we visited: Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

First up is Egypt where we travelled to Cairo and Alexandria. In this episode we make sweet potatoes baked in embers, a dish we tried for the first time on the Corniche waterside in Alexandria, which we add our own almond tahini twist to; we talk to our friend and photographer Patricia Niven who accompanied us on all our trips to take beautiful photos; and we catch up with Laila Hassaballa of Bellies En Route who took us on the most incredible food tour in Cairo.

There's charcoal in buckets, cars in carpets and... the dynamite falafel sandwich. Enjoy.


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Ingredients for sweet potato recipe

4 sweet potatoes

100g whole raw almonds, skins on

100g boiling water

1 small clove of garlic, peeled

4 tbsp light vegetable oil

1 tbsp sherry vinegar (or use red wine vinegar)

80ml cold water

flaky sea salt (plus more to taste)

date molasses (optional)


With thanks to

Our guests this week: Patsy @PatriciaNiven and Laila Hassaballa of @belliesenroute

Producer: Miranda Hinkley

Additional Production: Richard Ward

Audio Engineer: Paul Brogden

Theme tune: Daniel Winshall

Head of Communications: Louisa Cornford

A special thank you to Polly Russell for donating her garden



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