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How To Flirt Without Saying A Word?

How To Flirt Without Saying A Word?

How To Flirt Without Saying A Word?

About How To Flirt Without Saying A Word?

Non-verbal language is much more effective than verbal language when it comes to conquering the woman we like. How to flirt without saying a single word.

According to Joel Wade, professor of psychology at Bucknell University, non-verbal language is much more effective than verbal language when it comes to winning over the woman we like. How to master it and get the desired appointment even before the regulation 'hello'? Here the keys.

Get noticed and occupy your ground

Opening your arms when you are sitting in your chair or stretching out along the bar are gestures that are understood as a control of personal and physical space, which is interpreted as a sign of dominance. And yes, they love it.

open up (literally)

Closed arms are not attractive to a woman, according to a study in Evolution and Human Behavior. Do not contract or close in your own body. For example when you sit down, avoid crossing your legs.

Avoid permanent smile

According to this study, it is understood as a sign of femininity and shyness. That is why you should not remain hieratic or cold on the date, but regulate your smiles for the really important moments.

touch your friends

With a limit, of course. But patting your partner on the back or having confident physical contact indicates dominance and good social status, which fuels your public behavior and personality.

touch your face

Rub your jaw, scratch your chin or ruffle your hair from time to time, according to this study they are attracted to these behaviors. Why? According to science, the lower part of our face is related to testosterone levels. In addition, emphasizing this area will make them notice it more often, as this part of our body is one of their favorites.

imitate their movements

Copying her actions and doing the so-called "mirroring" can be attractive and striking for her before meeting you. But be careful, do not overdo it or you may look like a mime.

Play with the look

Sweep her room with it making eye contact with her every so often, making her feel wanted and watched. But in this part you will also have to be careful, an excessively permanent look can be rude and impolite, which will take her away from you.

Lastly, read her bodily signs

This means that if you have communicated effectively non-verbally, she will give you feedback. How? Pushing their hair back when you look at each other, winking at you, or following your gaze. If this happens, it's time to get to the long-awaited: "What's your name?".

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