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How To Write a Book Podcast

216: Navigating the Writing Journey with Chelsia McCoy [NANOWRIMO Day 13]

How To Write a Book Podcast
How To Write a Book Podcast

Guest: Chelsia McCoy

Episode Name: Navigating the Writing Journey with Chelsia McCoy [NANOWRIMO Day 13]

Episode Number: 216


About the guest

Chelsia McCoy is a Southern California-born-then-turned-Houstonian, mother of three, and the owner and CEO of Your Writing Table (book-writing consultant, editor, ghostwriter & audio/video transcription services for established & aspiring female writers). She holds a M.A. in Communications. She is also a certified life coach/counselor. Her passion is writing, teaching, empowering, inspiring, motivating and being a catalyst to help women to tell their story their way, in their words.


In this insightful episode with host, Massiel Valenzuela, Chelsia McCoy, a seasoned book coach, editor, and author, shares valuable wisdom on the writing and publishing journey. Chelsia delves into her background, her journey into book coaching, and the importance of understanding clients' visions. Chelsia shared her views on what aspiring authors should look for in a book coach and the nuances of ghostwriting. Chelsia emphasizes the significance of connection, budget considerations, and open communication with your chosen support. Chelsia spoke about her existing books, including collaborative works like "When the Soul Cries," which has been adapted into a documentary. She details her solo projects and upcoming releases, offering a glimpse into her diverse storytelling, from fiction to guides on effective communication. Chelsia invites listeners to connect with her through various platforms and encourages them to tune in to her podcast, "Women Winning at Writing." The episode concludes with gratitude from Massiel Valenzuela and an open invitation for Chelsia to return and share more about her future projects.


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Follow Chelsia

Chelsia McCoy's website - https://www.yourwritingtable.com/

Chelsia McCoy's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/coach-chelsia-mccoy-64425018a/

Chelsia McCoy's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/womenwinningatwritingpodcast/


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