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How To Write a Book Podcast

220: Crafting Resilience: Author Terece Hahn's Writing Wisdom [NANOWRIMO Day 17]

How To Write a Book Podcast
How To Write a Book Podcast

Guest: Terece Hahn

Episode Name: Crafting Resilience: Author Terece Hahn's Writing Wisdom [NANOWRIMO Day 17]

Episode Number: 220


About the guest

Terece Hahn, author of "Attached," hails from rural Washington and embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a non-writer to a published author. Her book, set in the 1800s Wild West, combines fiction with self-help, encouraging readers to embrace resilience and self-discovery. Terece shares her writing experiences and discusses her book's evolution, emphasizing the power of mentors and the emotional roller coaster of the writing process. Beyond her debut novel, Terece is currently crafting a fantasy game and contemplating a sequel.


In this podcast episode, Massiel Valenzuela interviews author Terece Hahn. The discussion revolves around the journey of writing a book, highlighting the resilience required during the process. Terece shares her experience with the Creators Institute, a program supporting aspiring authors through personalized guidance. The conversation emphasizes the significance of mentors and coaches, drawing from Terece's own experiences with therapy and life coaching. Terece's book, set in the lawless Western style of the 1800s, is a fusion of fiction and self-help, aiming to explore survival and self-actualization. The episode concludes with insights into Terece's current project—a fantasy game for an app—and hints at a possible sequel to her book in the future.


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