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How To Write a Book Podcast

224:  Lya Badgley's Journey in Writing and Publishing [NANOWRIMO Day 21]

How To Write a Book Podcast
How To Write a Book Podcast

Guest: Lya Badgley

Episode Name: Lya Badgley's Journey in Writing and Publishing [NANOWRIMO Day 21]

Episode Number: 224


About the guest

Lya Badgley writes suspenseful international fiction featuring characters overcoming life-changing odds. Global conflict zones and insurgencies offer a vivid backdrop to her stories. She draws deeply from personal experience living in Europe and Southeast Asia. Her life is worthy of a movie – dabbling in the music industry, opening a restaurant in Myanmar, interviewing insurgents for Human Rights Watch, and microfilming documents for the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide in Cambodia. Her first novel, The Foreigner’s Confession, was released in February of 2022. Her second novel, The Worth of a Ruby, is set in Myanmar and will be released in the fall of 2023. She currently lives in Snohomish Washington and is busy writing her third novel.


In this episode, Massiel Valenzuela hosts Lya Badgley, author of suspenseful international fiction with characters overcoming life-changing odds. Lya discusses her journey, starting with her first novel, "The Foreigner's Confession," released in February 2022, and her upcoming release, "The Worth of a Ruby," set for fall 2023. The conversation delves into Lya's background in visual arts, cover design, and her unique approach to storytelling, drawing inspiration from her diverse life experiences. Lya shares insights into her writing process, emphasizing her preference for discovery writing over outlining. She also reflects on the impact of personal experiences on her fiction, highlighting the themes of redemption and strong female leads in her works. The podcast touches on the challenges of seeking traditional publishing, leading Lya to explore self-publishing and hybrid publishing options. The discussion concludes with valuable tips for writers navigating cover design, encouraging them to compile a folder of inspiration and communicate effectively with designers.


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Lya Badgley's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lyabadgleyauthor

Lya Badgley's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lyabadgleyauthor/


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