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How To Write a Book Podcast

226: Writing Beyond Boundaries: A Chat with Dr. Monica Henderson [NANOWRIMO Day 23]

How To Write a Book Podcast
How To Write a Book Podcast

Guest: Dr. Monica Henderson

Episode Name: Writing Beyond Boundaries: A Chat with Dr. Monica Henderson [NANOWRIMO Day 23]

Episode Number: 226


About the guest

Dr. Monica Henderson is a military veteran that has also served in the Education field since 2005 as a teacher, tutor, and principal in the United States and China. Dr. Henderson earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida in 2004, an MBA degree in 2011, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Keiser University in 2016. She founded Doctors for Global Education LLC in 2017. Dr. Henderson has since published seven children’s books and a 6th-8th grade career math curriculum.


In this episode, host Massiel Valenzuela interviews Dr. Monica Henderson, author of seven children's books and the new sci-fi novel "Remanded." Dr. Henderson shares her unique background as a military veteran and educator, highlighting her diverse experiences that have influenced her writing. The conversation delves into the inspiration behind "Remanded," set in the year 2117, where the judicial system and forensic science have evolved significantly. The novel explores a futuristic world where criminals serve virtual sentences determined by a blind virtual jury. Dr. Henderson discusses her writing process, emphasizing the importance of creating purposeful chapters in adult fiction and conveying life lessons through her children's books. The podcast concludes with insights into Dr. Henderson's self-publishing journey, her dedication to producing high-quality work, and where listeners can find her books and podcast.


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