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How To Write a Book Podcast

228: Rise: From Challenges to Triumph with Nia Rainer [NANOWRIMO Day 25]

How To Write a Book Podcast
How To Write a Book Podcast

Guest: Nia Rainer

Episode Name: Rise: From Challenges to Triumph with Nia Rainer [NANOWRIMO Day 25]

Episode Number: 228


About the guest

Nia Rainer is an entrepreneur who never learned how not to dream big. From the time she was a little girl planning to become an entrepreneur to the time she was named High Point University’s Extraordinary Leader, Nia has looked at the concept of limits and laughed. Too often she’s seen people limited by their fear of failure and stalled in the execution of their goals by inconsistency. She wrote Rise to teach people how to attain desirable goal outcomes that turn dreams into reality. When Nia’s not empowering those around her she’s trying to master the kind of pasta-making finesse that’ll land her a spot on Hell’s Kitchen.


In this episode, Massiel welcomes Nia Rainer, author of "Rise," a self-development book on overcoming challenges. Nia shares her journey from being a first-generation college student and entrepreneur to publishing her book. "Rise" focuses on attaining desirable goals despite challenges, with a special emphasis on underrepresented individuals in the self-development space. Nia discusses her crowdfunding experience, the importance of representation, and the impact of her book. She also highlights her growth mindset, the challenges she faced, and her plans for the future, including potential audiobooks and a second book.


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