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Huh? Science Explained

Is yawning ACTUALLY contagious? And if so, how do we catch a yawn?


Is it really possible to catch a yawn? Why do we do it, anyway? I’ve discovered that it’s actually pretty tricky to nail down answers to those things. It seems that, even though it’s something that most creatures with mouths do, there aren’t that many scientists who are desperate to uncover the secrets of yawning.

But let’s explore what science does know…

Ellen Phiddian worked in science outreach before deciding to become, in her grandmother's words, "one of those whizz-bang science journalists". With a background in chemistry, she's particularly interested in renewable energy, catalysts, and deciphering the ingredients on food packages. Her favourite podcasts are Wardrobe Crisis, Friends at the Table, and just about any audiodrama.

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