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A Sour Taste


For some, chocolate can provide a pure moment of escapism, for others, it's a luxurious treat. But how is one of Britain's best-known brands; 'Cadbury's, connected to Britain's slaving past, and is chocolate really so sweet?

This episode features chocolate historian Craig Methven from Brixton's Chocolate Museum (https://www.thechocolatemuseum.co.uk/) and Tony's Chocolony's Choco Evangelist Ynzo van Zanten (https://twitter.com/ynzo).

Full episode transcript (shorturl.at/gyJ12)

Tony's Chocolonely's Mission (shorturl.at/imxV2)


Produced by Renay Richardson

Researchers are Dr. Alison Bennett and Arisa Loomba

Sound design by Ben Yellowitz

Flute - Sian Herbert

Extra sound recordings by Sandra Dobrozemsky 

J Hope on Violin

Production Assistant is Rory Boyle

This is a Broccoli Production.