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I Am All In with Scott Patterson

You Look Like You Need Pie (S1, E4 “The Deer Hunters”)


Rory got a D. The Magic Risotto is "fine". And, uh-oh Luke...you've got some competition. "What in the World"
Special Guest Shelly Cole aka Madeline is rewatching the episode and remembering and reliving it all with Scott.  
Did Shelly Cole (Madeline) have a crush on CMM (Tristan)? You won't believe who she was HOT for?
In "The Deer Hunters", charming teacher Max Medina (Scott Cohen) appears on screen for the first time and begins flirting with Lorelai.
And, Scott is NOT HAVING IT! His inner Luke is coming out and we think it's jealousy. What do you think?
He insists that Max Medina is being inappropriate and a heated debate begins.
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