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I Have ADHD Podcast

215 Addiction and Recovery with Scott Kiloby

I Have ADHD Podcast
I Have ADHD Podcast

Today I have a special episode looking at two potentially different life struggles - addiction and ADHD - and how the road to recovery and stability can look very similar. Joining me is Scott Kiloby, entrepreneur, addiction recovery author, and enlightenment coach.

Together we discuss how trauma and emotional repression can create addictive tendencies and chaotic minds. Scott is an expert on mindfulness and the importance of drawing suppressed feelings forward into consciousness in order to process and heal from them.

A few of the incredible similarities between Scott and me include playing the peacekeeping people-pleaser in the family, battling shame and discomfort in our own skin, and struggling with emotional regulation. It just goes to show that we as humans are all battling something; but through connection with each other, empathy, understanding, and breakthrough are possible.

If there’s one thing I tend to repeat over and over, it’s the importance of doing trauma work. Now that I am a certified, trauma-informed coach, I invite you to check out my group coaching program FOCUSED to start the healing process.

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You can find out more about Scott Kiloby’s work at Kiloby.com or on YouTube @ScottKiloby01.

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I Have ADHD Podcast
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