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I Have ADHD Podcast

220 My Spicy Thoughts on the Coaching Industry

I Have ADHD Podcast
I Have ADHD Podcast

Have you been considering a career change? Thinking about becoming an ADHD coach like me? Well, this episode is for you!

What this is not: a perfect fantasy with puppies, rainbows and unicorns.

What this is: my raw and honest truth about the pros and cons of the business.

It seems like having ADHD and/or becoming a life coach is very “trendy” right now. While it’s exciting to see growth and societal acceptance in these areas, this can also bring in some shady characters who see an opportunity to “get rich quick” with little to no accreditation or accountability.

The reality is that this industry is largely unregulated, held accountable only by consumers who are quickly learning who to trust and who to #unfollow.

Maybe you have been feeling for a while that this is something you're passionate about and want to consider as a profession. If so, then may I encourage you to seek out a credible, certified, ethical program that’s trauma-informed and specifically geared toward people with ADHD? I’m proud to say I’ve worked very hard to develop a training program for prospective ADHD coaches with a strong emotional regulation focus and an emphasis on positive thinking. There are no pre-recorded videos here. This is a high-touch, high-accountability training, exclusively reserved for members of FOCUSED only. That’s how serious I am about investing in the most dedicated people.

Come take a look at ihaveadhd.com/coach and reach out if you’re interested in applying.

I Have ADHD Podcast
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