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I Have ADHD Podcast

224 Can OCD Overlap With ADHD? with Guest Expert Kimberley Quinlan

I Have ADHD Podcast
I Have ADHD Podcast

I’m very pleased to be joined by Kimberley Quinlan in this episode. Kimberley is a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in anxiety, OCD and related disorders. Some of you with ADHD can identify with having additional neurodivergent diagnoses, such as OCD, and you may have experienced some confusion in differentiating between the two.

As children, it was hard enough being diagnosed with ADHD and having a full understanding of what it meant for ourselves and for our parents. Now add in other disorders, and you can imagine how difficult and frustrating it can be for those who have been misdiagnosed, misunderstood and overlooked.

I myself have a child who’s been diagnosed with OCD and ADHD, with the former likely causing the latter. I’m grateful to Kimberley for allowing me to share a bit of my own regrets as a parent coming to a good place of understanding my child in order to get him the support he needed.

There are so many great takeaways from this episode. But the biggest ones I’m walking away with are that validation and reassurance are everything. If you’ve been considering an evaluation for yourself or a loved one, please look into it. It’s a vulnerable process, but intaking the right information can be so powerful.

You can find Kimberley at kimberleyquinlan-lmft.com. If you are looking for some support as an adult with ADHD, come join my group coaching program FOCUSED, where we lift each other up and learn from our collective neurodivergent journeys.


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I Have ADHD Podcast
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