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I Have ADHD Podcast

225 FOCUSED Member Chat: Emotional Regulation with Michael Johnson

I Have ADHD Podcast
I Have ADHD Podcast

In this episode, I’m joined by my FOCUSED client Michael Johnson, who shares his ADHD journey that led him to being coached and now becoming a coach himself.

I love our conversation because Michael is so open and honest about his weaknesses and the self-discovery that led to him evolving into a much more self-aware and balanced person today.

If you've struggled with horrible self-talk, disordered eating, and difficult relationships, this episode is going to be right up your alley.

In case you haven’t had enough of ME talking about emotional regulation, Michael discusses from a client perspective why he truly believes it is the number one skill for adults with ADHD to learn.

Do you ever feel that your ADHD symptoms aren’t actually the biggest problem, but instead it’s the layers of self-judgment and blame that you pile on top of yourself after noticing the symptom holding you back?

Have your lack of emotional regulation skills led to you self-soothing in unhealthy ways that keep you in a bad cycle?

Listen, share with friends and look into being coached by Michael at onethoughtcoach.com. You can find Michael on Instagram @michaelgarrettjohnson

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I Have ADHD Podcast
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