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I Have ADHD Podcast

Maybe I'm Not the Problem with Complex Trauma Expert Danica Harris, Ph.D, SEP

I Have ADHD Podcast
I Have ADHD Podcast

Danica @theempoweredtherapist specializes in healing from attachment wounds, sexual assault, emotional neglect, vicarious trauma, intergenerational and identity-based trauma, and work or academic trauma.

In this DEEP convo, Kristen and Danica discuss the following topics:
Complex Trauma
Is it ADHD or CPTSD?
Somatic Experiencing
How to Identify a Trigger
The Complexity of Healing

Danica is a therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in Dallas, TX. She co-owns Empowered Healing Dallas, a group practice where she provides trauma-informed therapy using somatic, relational, attachment, and parts work approaches to treatment.

Danica is passionate about support for therapists and provides counseling services, mentorship, supervision, and consultation to mental health providers looking for trauma-informed support. She is deeply invested in equity, social justice efforts, and destigmatizing mental health treatment, and utilizes her Instagram platform, @theempoweredtherapist to provide education and support to the broader community.

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I Have ADHD Podcast
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