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I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast!

Ep. 000 – I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast


OK – following that debacle during recording and editing…I have managed, with the help of Amit Agarwal‘s post online, been able to create an rss feed with the file floating somewhere around the WWW! I even submitted it to itunes! Hey – this might have actually worked! You can check out the episode below but hopefully it actually DID get submitted to iTunes and IF so, check it out there and subscribe. Next episode I’ll talk about the nonsense involved in finishing this first one and then rest of the discovery process in creating the ACTUAL podcast this test one here is all about. ____________________________________________ Discussing the journey of starting a podcast. Why do I want to start a podcast? How do I start a podcast? What is RSS? I’m a Dave Jackson fanboy. I love my audiotechnica atr 2100. I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for anything else. Check out my cool reverse effect and intro outro music.

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