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I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast!

Ep. 001 – 2C episode 0 Recorded – but poorly!


Woo hoo! While I haven’t heard back from iTunes or Stitcher yet – Episode 0 of I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast has officially been submitted. Here’s hoping you can actually listen to it through the feed. In this episode the recording of Episode 0 of 2nds Count Podcast…A true understanding of what Episode 0 means. Condenser mics bad – Dynamic Good (though my guess is Trav will still argue that point). Discovery – You can’t use 2 USB microphones on the computer…well, you can…you just need a mixer. Always monitor your audio…trust the monitor and make sure you sound good when recording.

Holy moley we figured out how to host for free in Google drive, made a feed with Feedburner and even publish to iTunes and Stitcher! Back to Audacity….sorry Hindenburg – where’s the effects? What is episode 0? Yay – a Facebook page…..and a WordPress page (the free one!). This MP3 encoder is LAME! Cover photo MP3 embedding made easy with…WMP? Don’t forget to host your itunes cover photo in the right place. What is the difference from the itunes cover photo and the mp3 one?

Download Episode 1!

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