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I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast!

Ep. 002 – 2 mics, one puter, editing and show notes


I’m getting better every time I touch the mic and the cutting board. Really enjoying learning a lot of little tricks with editing. In my post production listening of this show I think I need to work on voice consistency, but I’ll save that for another episode.We were able to get Episode 0 of 2nds Count thanks to the help of .:Bro. Robert Johnson from the Whence Came You Podcast. Many thanks Brother. Would’ve hated to scrap the whole thing. We determined the issue was with us both using Trav’s CAD condenser mic. It still doesn’t sound great, but it’s tolerable…and published in iTunes & Stitcher! Wooohoo! Now we’ve got both shows up.

We’re going to try using the new version of Hindenburg for next episodes recording so that we can hopefully use both microphones. Time will tell and if not, I’ll beat Trav into getting a dynamic mic as we DO have a mixer available to try out.

Learned a bit about adding in intro music and whether to roll the dice and use music before you’ve received permission. Editing this stuff is tricky to make it sound right with your episode. I feel like I know double what I did before last time and yet still so ignorant as to best practices. And speaking of intro music, thanks to Audionautix for the great free production music.

Should we monetize? We only have 1 crappy episode out. I’d say heck no…until a tip from Daniel J Lewis (I REMEMBERED!) at the Audacity to Podcast made me think otherwise.

Finally some show notes and I’m convinced they’re important. But are they the same thing as the blog post? You can see I’ve gotten more wordy here than the last time(s). Oooh and look at my pretty pre-show notes picture.

Give it a listen to Episode 2, subscribe and send me some feedback.

Without Wax,

.:Brother MAK

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