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I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast!

Ep. 005 – New Mics, a Mixer & Not Enough Time


Miss me? I surprised myself when I realized we had released 2 episodes of 2nds Count since the last release of I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast. Woah? Since when were we able to record and produce so quickly? In fact, as I type this I have the next episode recorded of 2nds Count! How do you manage to handle your podcast/work/family balance? My family comes first before anything, and I have to work to take care of them but I am loving the podcasting. I think the planning is working out OK but if I tighten it up it may be easier. I may also have Trav start doing the shown notes for 2C.

So what has been going well? What has been not so well? Discussing a number of these pluses and minuses in the progress I even mention a special a boo boo with the trial version of Hindenburg and ended up hosing my computer pretty good…for using Hindenburg anyway. We managed to get past that with a different computer. We don’t need to worry about it anymore though becauuuuuuuse…..

Not only did Trav pick up an AudioTechnica ATR 2100, but we also got a mixer! w00t! A Brother came through and hooked me up with Alesis MultiMix 4 – 4 Channel USB Mixer. I used it for this episode as well as the last episode of 2nds Count and it worked great. I’ll discuss what the editing was like in the next episode of IWTSADP. Very exciting stuff.So what was done with Trav’s old CAD Condenser Mic? Our buddy Shane has it in his possession and while I’m not sure what he’s planning on recording with it, I’m sure it’ll be funny stuff…especially if he’s using IWTSADP to learn how!

I was FINALLY able to acquire the shows’ URLs. We are now here at http://www.IWantToStartADamnPodcast.com and the provider coveted http://www.2ndsCount.com. Please give a listen to Episode 5 below. Subscribe in iTunes and or favorite in Stitcher. Hopefully you’re already Following on Twitter and Liked on Facebook!

Till next episode folks!

.:Brother MAK