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iGaming NEXT: Podcast

Martin Collins: GIG deep dive

iGaming NEXT: Podcast
iGaming NEXT: Podcast

🎙 Podcast #133 with Pierre Lindh and Martin Collins, Director of Sales & Business Development at GIG

 In this episode of iGaming Next podcast Pierre and Martin Collins have a deep dive into GIG. Martin discusses the impressive growth of GIG, with a 10x market cap increase in just three years. The conversation also covers the future splitting of GIG into two separate companies, as well as the acquisition of Sportnco. Martin also delves into the opportunities available for GIG in North America and how to approach Tier-1 operators. The episode concludes with a discussion on the macroeconomic view and what the return of Robin means for GIG, followed by speculation on what's next for the company. 


 00:00 - Intro 

00:24 - 10x market cap for GIG in 3 years 

10:00 - GIG splitting into two different companies and why 

21:25 - The acquisition of Sportnco 

24:54 - Opportunity in North America for GIG 

33:38 - Tier 1 operators and how to approach them 

37:15 - Macroeconomic view, soft landing or recession 

40:55 - Robin is back, what it means 

44:46 - What comes next for GIG  


 With two decades of experience delivering and executing commercial strategies within digital markets, Martin can help drive positive performance across an organization, as well as identify new business opportunities. Data-driven at heart, martin truly empowers organization to perform, consistently driving revenue and growth.


 This episode of the iGaming NEXT Podcast is hosted by Pierre Lindh, Co-Founder/MD at iGaming NEXT and is brought to you by:

 Pragmatic Solutions. – Leading iGaming platform technology.

iGaming NEXT: Podcast
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