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iGaming NEXT: Podcast

Max Trafimovich: Retention and LTV are kings in a difficult 2023

iGaming NEXT: Podcast
iGaming NEXT: Podcast

🎙 Podcast # 129 Pierre Lindh and Max Trafimovich, CCO, SOFTSWISS

In this video, Pierre and Max Trafimovich discuss the most crucial criteria influencing operator projects' Retention and LTV. Speakers also take a closer look at the products, tools, and strategic approaches that will help casinos and sportsbooks increase their key KPIs in 2023.


 Max Trafimovich has been actively participating in the extraordinary growth of SOFTSWISS from a rising tech star to an acclaimed industry leader. He joined SOFTSWISS as a Business Development Manager in 2013. At that time the company counted 40 employees, quite far from the 1,400-people-strong operation with global presence it is now. All in all, Max directly influenced the remarkable transformation of SOFTSWISS’s business over all these years. Right now he assumes a position of Chief Commercial Officer. 


 This episode of the iGaming NEXT Podcast is hosted by Pierre Lindh, Co-Founder/MD at iGaming NEXT, and is brought to you by:

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iGaming NEXT: Podcast
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