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iGaming NEXT: Podcast

Zach Doctor: WagerWire's Zach Doctor on secondary markets and the future of US gaming

iGaming NEXT: Podcast
iGaming NEXT: Podcast

🎙 Podcast with Ryan Bulter and Zach Doctor, Co-founder & CEO of WagerWire

Join them for an in-depth look at WagerWire, a leading online sports betting platform. In this video, we'll explore WagerWire's partnerships and social media strategy, as well as its focus on educating new players. We'll also discuss the future of sports betting in North America and what we can expect in the next five years. Don't miss out on this informative and exciting video! 


 00:00 - Intro

 00:35 - WagerWire and why they are different

 07:03 - WagerWire partnerships10:05 - Social media aspect

 13:02 - Education focus for new players

 16:28 - Sports betting in North America in 5 years  


Zach Doctor is the CEO and co-founder of WagerWire, a new innovative marketplace for open sports bets. Prior to WagerWire Doctor founded another successful startup, Velotech, an e-commerce business for bicycle products, tires and accessories. He also spent 6 years as vice president and business development officer at PNC Bank, responsible for originating financings for private equity-backed M&A transactions.

  _____ This episode of the iGaming NEXT podcast is hosted by Ryan Butler, North American Editor at iGaming NEXT and is brought to you by:

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iGaming NEXT: Podcast
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