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by Tom Bilyeu
Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Can We Eat to STARVE Cancer? The NEW Science In the Defense Against Disease | Dr. William Li


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Being open minded to new science, new research and medical breakthroughs is always a bonus. Too often it’s thought that health is for the rich or privileged that can afford high quality care, but when researchers and physicians begin to share how easy and accessible better health is for everyone, it’s time to really pay attention. Dr. William Li is an internal medicine doctor from the Harvard Medical School Faculty that studies angiogenesis, and is the author of the best-selling book, Eat To Beat Disease. Dr. Li is breaking down the 5 natural body defenses protecting you at all times, even right now, and exactly how powerful foods are that can prevent disease in your body. This interview feels like part of the missing chronicles of optimizing your health to a level you never knew existed, and there’s nothing complicated about it.

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0:00 | Introduction William Li

0:53 | Defining Real Health

4:39 | 5 Health Defense Systems

11:00 | Hiding Cancer in the Body

18:00 | Cellular Profiling Cancer

23:07 | Microbiome & Immune System

33:03 | Medicinal Food Power

40:49 | Explaining Angiogenesis

45:15 | Eating to Beat Disease


“In most people's minds, including mine, not being sick is kind of the default definition of being healthy. But that is very problematic” [2:40]

“Health is not just the absence of disease, it is the result of our body's own hardwired defense systems, health defense systems that we’re born with.” [3:09]

“Organic coffee has more bioactives than the pesticide treated coffee because the insects, the natural things in the environment cause it to create more natural health defenses.” [39:36]

“Eating to beat disease is not just picking a particular disease and trying to figure out what the recipe is that the one size fits all. But it's really a journey that we have our whole lives.” [46:24]

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by Tom Bilyeu