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by Tom Bilyeu
Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Stop Holding Yourself BACK & Get INSPIRED to Go After What You Want | Mel Robbins


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The truth about life, success, and failure is everything depends on you. The problem is that you, and nearly every other person around, defaults to being at the mercy of the people, the environments, and unfortunate situations that mark the course of life. Mel Robbins is the personification of motivation on steroids packed with a high potency of raw truth. You could say she’s joining Tom to discuss her newest book, The High 5 Habit, but it’s more fitting to say she’s back to give you the kick in the ass you’ve been waiting for. Mel is not only talking about why high fiving yourself is powerful, she’s reminding you that you have a responsibility to heal yourself and do the work. While you’re chasing your dreams, understand that what the world sees as failure may just be a massive success in the timeline of your life, as has been the case for Mel Robbins.

Order Mel’s new book, The High 5 Habit: https://www.amazon.com/High-Habit-Take-Control-Simple-ebook/dp/B096JQSWQ6


0:00 Introduction Mel Robbins

1:42 | A-Ha Moments In Life

7:20 | Why High 5 Yourself

19:54 | Feel Worth Celebrating

25:15 | R.A.S. Looking for Hearts

34:59 | Powerful of Jealousy

37:44 | Life Is Your Responsibility

47:38 | Interrupting Destructive Worry

51:37 | Mel’s Vermont Painting


“I hope that when somebody listens to our conversation and watches this that they have a massive a-ha moment, but it’s not going to mean fucking shit if you don’t take action and do something about it.” [3:01]

“You are going to find yourself not at 25, but 45 or 65, and you're going to be so filled with regret that you never fucking put a bet on yourself.” [6:29]

“When you start to have a moment with yourself, the crazy part is you start to build a partnership with yourself.” [15:01]

“Beating yourself up will not make you do the work to get healthy, and tearing yourself down over the shit that you've done or the terrible relationships that you're in it's not going to empower you to change the patterns that are keeping you stuck.” [24:50]

“The thing about jealousy is, it's just your inspiration that's blocked. Jealousy is sort of the insecurity that you have that blocks this inspiration” [35:55]

“Most people aren't obsessed with their goals, because they don't believe they're worthy of them.” [40:36]

“If you don't, at some point, be defiant, against what the world or your caregivers or your past experience has pounded into your brain incorrectly, unfairly, you will forever be stuck with that story.” [41:16]

“You can have nothing, and you can still have your own back. You can have tremendous problems and very real obstacles that you're facing, and you can have a mindset that says, through my efforts, my attitude, I can have an impact on the situation that I'm in.” [45:09]

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by Tom Bilyeu