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Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu



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On Today's Episode:

When it comes to changing your life, improving your relationships, your career, or supercharging your business, at the foundation of everything is the power of your thoughts. In this video, I share with you simple hacks that will change your life forever. I must be clear, this is going to take practice, commitment, and lots of effort. I want to see you succeed and unlock your potential, so I am holding nothing back. My hope is you will learn to leverage the power of your thoughts, improve the quality of your life and ultimately make an impact that energizes you every day. I always say, action cures all. Why do I say it? Because it’s true.

Suggested Reading:
Lisa Feldman Barrett's book, How Emotions Are Made: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1328915433/?tag=store4895-20


Role of Subconscious | Subconscious speaks emotion. Control it by creating a new story [2:33]
Creating Reality | Tom shares why what you repeat to yourself is so critical [7:12]
Overthinking | Why overthinking is a waste of time & how to make the most of your time [11:18]
Whiteboard Effect | How experience and action together magnifies the lessons [12:07]
Brain Negativity | Tom breaks down how the brain is wired for danger to keep you safe [18:04]
Meditation | How meditation done right allows you to perform better and achieve flow [23:24]
Thought Process | Tom’s simple process to interact with data & follow unique reactions[28:16]
Learning in Swarms | How Tom goes hard on learning a topic and attacking all angles [30:34]


“One of the most important ideas in my life is that the brain will justify whatever emotion you have.” [4:56]

“You become what you repeat.” [7:28]

“...whatever you allow yourself to repeat is going to be the thing that you see. It is going to become the bedrock of your life.” [8:53]

“If you don't take action, you will never get the full benefit of the way that experience [and] action has this magnification effect of the lesson. [12:18]

“Thinking is very valuable, but it needs to be done in conjunction with action.” [13:07]

“The brain is not designed to make sure that you run your own company or that you come out wealthy, the brain is not designed to make sure that you love every moment of your life. The brain is designed to keep you alive.” [19:02]

“Functioning optimally for a shorter period of time is far more useful than functioning subpar for a longer period of time” [28:00]