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009 An Intensely Rewarding Year Abroad With Rachael Mogan - McIntosh


Would you like to pack up your life and live abroad for a year with your family? Somewhere different...culturally diverse, challenging and memorable!! In this episode, I interview, Rachael Mogan-McIntosh, an author and mother of three about their family adventure in the South of France. Rachael shares the challenges they faced as parents watching their children initially struggle in an unfamiliar school with a different approach to playground politics. Listen up as we explore: 1. What to expect if you’re considering an international school transition 2. The challenges children may encounter and how to help them cope at school 3. What are the benefits of moving your family outside of their comfort zone. Listeners can also read Rachael’s published articles and blog posts at: www.mogantosh.com If you liked this episode of Impressive, click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Review’ in your podcast app. Impressive is a weekly podcast for parents who like to find answers faster, do things differently and take their families further! To apply for an on-air consultation, email: support@quirkykid.com.au