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In Good Companies

Saving the Day: Becoming a Cybersecurity Superhero

In Good Companies
In Good Companies

You’ve probably got a security system for your building, with locks on your doors and safes for your important documents. But criminals don’t just try to take what’s in your cash register anymore. As the world shifts increasingly online, there are more and more opportunities for fraudsters and cybercriminals to intercept your money and data. And it takes more than anti-virus software to keep yourself safe. But your specialty isn’t cloud computing, it’s your business. So how do you keep up with the ever-changing world of cybersecurity?

Fortunately, there are people like Lori Johnson and Tracy Dalton, from the Treasury Management Team at Cadence Bank. They make it their business to keep up with trends in cybercrime so they can best protect their clients. Through their work with a broad range of customers, they see companies’ most commonly-targeted weak points; and they’re not what you’d suspect.

Cybercrime can be devastating, and nobody is completely safe. Companies of all sizes are targeted, and breaches can cause loss of consumer confidence, in addition to whatever is stolen. Lori and Tracy will escort us through the dangerous underbelly of fraud as we talk the size of the threat, cybersecurity best practices, and how to get employee buy-in. So keep your head on a swivel and listen to our cyber self-defense class!


  • The types of threats you can face (3:06)
  • How many businesses are affected? (6:40)
  • How to evaluate your current security setup (9:04)
  • A great model for cybersecurity (11:54)
  • The importance of educating your employees (12:40)
  • Creating internal controls (13:58)
  • Cybersecurity tools offered by your bank (15:40)
  • Positive Pay & ACH Positive Pay (16:43)
  • Constant vigilance (19:29)


If you have questions about the show or topics you'd like discussed in future episodes, email our producer, sheena.cochran@cadencebank.com

In Good Companies
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