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In Her Ellement

Big Decisions with Former CEO of Puppet and Airware Yvonne Wassenaar

In Her Ellement
In Her Ellement

Many assume that senior career women with impressive resumes have a plan that they’ve stuck to without fail. Yvonne Wassenaar is here to tell you that that's not always the case. Things can happen to you that you don’t expect. Yvonne is the former CEO of Puppet and Airware and now serves on a number of boards, influencing change from the top down.

Yvonne had a difficult start in life and set herself the goal early on of giving herself financial independence. She started working at the age of fourteen and has thrown herself into education and work ever since. Yvonne never intended to be a CEO, but many people encouraged her to test her limits and strive for more. Her advice to others in her position is to take more risks and keep building your networks.

Yvonne is incredibly open and candid about the challenges she's faced and the opportunities she’s grasped. When she experienced personal tragedy in her mid-thirties, she made the decision to become a mother and continue building her career. Yvonne has had a lot of support along the way, which allowed her to continue to expand her career and stretch herself further.

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