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In Her Ellement

Clearing Space for Yourself with BCG’s Adi Zolotov

In Her Ellement
In Her Ellement

Adi Zolotov began her career in astrophysics as an academic but decided to broaden her horizons by transitioning to the private sector. In her current role as managing director and partner at BCG X, Adi focuses on building AI and digital solutions that unlock value and insights in aerospace, defense, and the public sector. 

There have been many times in Adi’s career where she has been the only woman in the room. However, when faced with this situation now, she focuses on bringing her wealth of expertise to the table. 

Adi has had many influential mentors in her career, one of whom was Dr. Beth Willman, whom Adi interviewed in Season 2. She believes that it's important for mentees to give back to their mentors in any way they can. 

If you want to revisit Adi’s conversations from Seasons 1 and 2, you can find them below.

Sita Sonty

Dr. Beth Willman

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In Her Ellement
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