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In Her Ellement

Micro-Optimizations with Flatiron Health’s Cat Miller

In Her Ellement
In Her Ellement

What do you do when you don’t have a big-picture goal in mind? You ‘micro-optimize’ and follow your passions wherever they take you. Cat Miller has built an amazing career off the back of micro-optimizations and now works as the CTO of Flatiron Health.

Cat began her technology journey at MIT. One of her modules centered around AI and how it can be used to problem-solve. Throughout her career, Cat never knew exactly what she wanted to do, but was always comfortable following her interests to see where she ended up. Eventually, this brought her to the healthcare space, and to Flatiron, where she oversees the technology that the company builds. 

Flatiron Health is a technology company that uses data and machine learning to help clinicians, researchers, and regulators care for cancer patients.

This episode references a statistic included in the December 4th CHRO Daily Newsletter, created by Fortune: Annual performance reviews are outdated, and they’re probably hurting your company.

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In Her Ellement
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