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In Her Ellement

Throwback: Paying it Forward with Slalom’s Kesha Williams

In Her Ellement
In Her Ellement

In this special episode, we’re taking you back to Season 1 for Corin Lines’ conversation with Kesha Williams, Senior Principal at Slalom.

Kesha shares how she became an expert across Java, cloud technologies, artificial & machine learning, and AWS. Kesha is a lifelong learner, a passionate mentor, and advocates for more diversity in tech. She firmly believes in paying your experience forward, no matter your seniority or skill level.

Since beginning her coding journey in high school, Kesha has gone on to work for Chick-fil-A and Delta Airlines as a Software Engineering Manager and Senior Software Developer respectively. As Slalom’s Senior Principal of the AWS Cloud Residency, Kesha works to grow early career technologists into world-class AWS cloud professionals and leaders. Kesha has experienced being the only woman of color in the tech space many times throughout her career, which has been challenging. After personally experiencing the gender pay gap, Kesha created the Salary Overflow Tool, which allows for greater salary transparency. She also partners with Women Who Code to educate and inspire women to pursue careers in tech.

Check out Kesha’s Salary Overflow tool to see where your own salary might compare to what others are being paid in your role. 

You can also visit Women Who Code to access free resources & workshops, browse job & scholarship opportunities and engage with an amazing network of technical women across the globe. 

Join us every episode with hosts Suchi Srinivasan & Corin Lines from BCG to hear meaningful conversations with women in digital, technology and business. 

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In Her Ellement
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