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Indestructible PR Podcast with Molly McPherson

251: A Realistic Picture of Disability Rights and Inclusion in Media and Marketing with Kelsey Lindell

Picture this: A quarter of our population and forty percent of American families are affected by disability, yet its representation in media and advertising is a mere 1%. As we navigate the complex world of disability rights and inclusion, we are joined by a special guest who gives us a first-hand perspective. Meet Kelsey Lindell, a physically disabled woman who’s educating a million people about disability rights and ableism, while challenging misconceptions and stereotypes.

Disability isn't just about Paralympic champions. In our enlightening conversation with Kelsey, we dissect the common tendency to portray disabled people as inspiration for the non-disabled, while overlooking the reality of their everyday lives. We examine the commendable paradigm shift in brands like Nike featuring everyday disabled people in their ads, and the potential of disabled micro-influencers in creating a more inclusive narrative. We also delve into the powerful role influencers can play in advocating for disability inclusion and the shocking realities they can bring to light.

Lastly, we focus on the importance of celebrating diversity in all its forms, especially during events like Pride Month, and the role of influencers and brands in making it happen. The journey to inclusion is fraught with challenges, but the first step begins with awareness and understanding. So, join us as we unravel the true meaning of disability inclusion, and challenge ourselves to make a positive difference in the world. Because, as Kelsey says, there’s much more to disability than meets the eye.

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