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Industrial IoT Spotlight

EP 155 - How AI Can Democratize Healthcare

Industrial IoT Spotlight
Industrial IoT Spotlight

In this episode, we talked with Robin Farmanfarmaian. Robin is a professional speaker and healthcare entrepreneur. She is also the author of "How AI can democratize healthcare?"

In this talk, we discussed AI's role in the shifting landscape of healthcare delivery towards telemedicine and healthcare. We also explored the interfaces between traditional healthcare products and service providers with the new generation of digital diagnostics and therapeutics companies.

Key Questions:

  • How do digital therapeutics work with the technology company and traditional healthcare providers?
  • What is the current landscape of the ability of machine learning to make predictions accurate in healthcare products and services?
  • How are the integrations across other applications work to enrich medical data sets?
  • How does digital diagnostics impact the traditional healthcare industry and therapeutics companies, especially in hospitals and pharmacies?
Industrial IoT Spotlight
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