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Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

PAULA ABDUL: The Reality of American Idol, Lying Her Way to Laker Girl & Lots of Crazy Coincidences!

Paul Abdul (American Idol, Forever Your Girl) joins us for (quite possibly) our longest interview with story after story that will leave your jaw dropped. From changing her identity to become a Laker Girl, to being baby-sat by Michael Bolton, to choreographing the Jacksons, to surviving a plane crash, to having a psychic tell her about her future with American Idol years before it aired… Paula shares it all this week! Huge thank you for her openness, especially when it came to our shared experience with spinal injury (and surgeries) and how she never gave up after nearly 2 decades with excruciating pain. Too many good stories in this episode, hope you all enjoy.

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Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum
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