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by David Clark
Inside the Rope with David Clark

Ep 93: Daniel Pickering - Cryptocurrencies - A new asset class?


Daniel Pickering is the CIO at The ListedReserve, a fund manager that runs several strategies that invest across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Being at an important juncture in the history of cryptocurrencies, whereby different coins & protocols are attempting to validate both their utility and therefore their value; Daniel from The ListedReserve sits down with David to discuss cryptocurrencies as well as their future. Daniel and David also discuss the potential of government intervention and therefore the likely impact on the value of these assets. The ListedReserve is a fund manager based in Sydney, Australia that specialises in bitcoin and bitcoin derivatives. They believe that digital currency will drive significant global economic, technological and social change. Daniel is a Chartered Accountant that was trained at PwC who then spent almost 9 years as the CFO at William Hill before becoming the CIO at The ListedReserve.



by David Clark