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by David Clark
Inside the Rope with David Clark

Ep 94: Prasad Patkar & Peter Brooke - Absolute Returns


In this episode, David speaks with both Prasad Patkar (Head of Qualitative Investments) and Peter Brooke (Head of Quantitative Investments) at Platypus Asset Management.

Prior to joining Platypus in February 2008 Prasad was the Chief Investment Officer with Audant Investments Pty Ltd, joining that company in 2001. The role carried executive responsibility for the performance of all asset classes for the Whyte Family Office including listed equities, alternative investments, property, operating businesses and private equity investments. Prasad’s career commenced in India in 1995 as General Manager for PNH Alloys Pty Limited.

Peter joined Platypus in January 2008, and in addition to managing the quantitative portfolios, is responsible for all aspects of quantitative research. From May 2006, Peter worked as a Quantitative Analyst with MIR Investment Management. During this period, he worked on various research projects and in quantitative portfolio management.



by David Clark