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Intentionally Blank

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning — Ep. 116 of Intentionally Blank

Intentionally Blank
Intentionally Blank

In this episode, Brandon and Dan discuss Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1. They share their rankings, opinions, and talk about the movie both with & without spoilers!

🍔 Food Heists:

“The Great Maple Syrup Heist” - Episode 48 (5:27-10:40) https://youtu.be/oIxK5pqpDWY?t=327


“Pure Illegal Butter Guarantee” - Episode 34 (0:00-6:20) https://youtu.be/C8QOjNSD0a8

🔥 Bad Story Ideas:

"Vikings vs. Cthulhu" - Episode 25 (7:30-14:00) https://youtu.be/p1YmbKqlTh8?t=450


"Free Fall Burrito World" - Episode 32 (0:00-10:15)

And make sure to cast your vote on this week's polls by clicking the Google form below: https://forms.gle/A2xHRtX5P8zfsaih8

Which stories and heists will emerge victorious! Join us next week to find out!

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Sound engineering and editing by Daniel Thompson

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