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Intentionally Blank

Ted Lasso Season 2— Ep. 112 of Intentionally Blank

Intentionally Blank
Intentionally Blank

Brandon and Dan start their discussion in their normal meandering fashion before moving on to the main discussion point of Ted Lasso season 2 including Brandon’s predictions for season 3.

🍔 Food Heists:

“How Is This Not a Movie Yet” Entire Brazilian Coffee Industry Owes it's Start to a Food Heist - https://youtu.be/DY5yDPRomEI?t=406 (6:46-12:03)


“The Snackyderms.”Elephants with diplomatic immunity make-off with sugarcane - https://youtu.be/xOZPEQ2SLjw?t=102 (1:42-10:10)

🔥 Bad Story Ideas:

"Abraham Lincoln Writes Epic Fantasy FanFic of Moby Dick" -
https://youtu.be/vFxJGbUUtHc?t=1055 (17:35-22:20)


"Planetary Shenanigans or Sisyphus Plays Katamari Damacy" - https://youtu.be/w1KDsehTGYs?t=4 (0:04-6:33)

And make sure to cast your vote on this week's polls by clicking the Google form below: https://forms.gle/gxGWtWcLkTDpxG676

Which stories and heists will emerge victorious! Join us next week to find out!

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Intentionally Blank
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