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Are you sabotaging your 'Tell Me About Yourself' answer by hiding something?

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

Imagine you're in an interview, confidently answering the typical "Tell Me About Yourself" question, but there's a catch - you're avoiding certain details like leaving your recent job, working for family, or not completing your degree. You might think you're steering clear of potential pitfalls, but are you actually sabotaging yourself in the process? In this episode, we're diving into the delicate art of sharing your career story authentically, addressing those often hidden aspects with confidence and grace.

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Emma guide you through the labyrinth of interview storytelling. We'll explore the scenarios where it's better to address these hidden details and debunk the myth that avoidance equals success. By the end of this episode, you'll be armed with the tools to decide when and how to share those seemingly challenging details, while crafting a narrative that showcases your strengths.

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Tania who shouted us 5 coffees “A few coffees and a nice message won't come close to describing the appreciation I have for both of you, but I'll give it a(n espresso) shot - I'm a sucker for a good (or bad) pun ☕. You would think that working in Talent Acquisition and HR for over 8 years that I may have all the tools and information needed to be a rockstar interviewee... wrong. Not only was I working in an extremely toxic work environment, but I also wanted to change career paths and felt completely stuck and pigeonholed in my area of expertise. This podcast gave me all the tools I needed throughout my interview process for a job I was REALLY excited about. I'm talking the prep work, I'm talking pre-interview pep talks, I'm talking butt clenching tricks, I'm talking follow-up emails... ALL. OF. IT. It came to a point where I would constantly be listening to your podcast at home, in the car, while working out, and my husband would hear the Aussie accent and say "oh you're listening to your Australian sisters again". Obsession would be an understatement and that's only because I learned SO much from you both and never felt more prepared for an interview process than I did after starting to listen to the Interview Boss podcast. After 4 interviews and a 30-minute presentation, I GOT THE JOB. A job outside of my historical expertise, I was able to prove how my skills and experience related to and would bring value to the role they were looking for (all thanks to you)! I landed the job last month and have been counting my blessings ever since. I seriously can't thank you both enough for this podcast, your warmth and friendliness, and selflessness making this podcast free for all users. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about just how much this podcast has helped me. 💜 THANK YOU! - Your Canadian sister”

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