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Interview Boss

Back to the workforce: How to go from business owner to employee

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

You have decided it is time to wrap up your business, and go back to the job world, but it has been SO long since you have had a resume let alone an interview!

In this week’s episode Sarah and Emma talk transferable skills, and help you recognize the invaluable qualities you've gained as a business owner and how to effectively communicate them to employers. We'll also take a walk in the employer's shoes, unraveling their perspective and understanding what they may be thinking during the hiring process.

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Jami T who bought us 8 coffees! “I have honestly been waiting for this coffee-sending moment for so long because I KNEW it would come eventually! Because of the help of your podcast, I am now officially a transitioned educator in the US! I accepted a fully remote offer today with a company I'm passionate about! Not to mention a 25K salary increase (WHAT?!). I could not have done it without your podcast as I have learned so much from you two regarding career transitions, confidence, and interviewing--especially being completely new to the corporate world. Thank you thank you thank you! I will be recommending your podcast to everybody I know in similar boats. Keep up the amazing work!!”

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