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Interview Boss

Interview worthy examples - what makes a great story?

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

In this episode, we're tackling a common conundrum: feeling like you don't have any good examples for your job interview. But fear not! 

In this week’s episode Sarah and Emma help you discover the hidden gems that lie within your own experiences. We debunk the myth that only grand achievements make for captivating interview stories. We'll do some brainstorming together to show you how to transform everyday moments into extraordinary tales that leave interviewers impressed.

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Raelyn “Hi Emma & Sarah! I wanted to buy you both a coffee in hopes you cheers with me to my new job (that you both totally helped me get with your awesome podcast)! A little backstory- I graduated in 2020 and my first job out of college was as a Recruiter for an IT staffing agency. I did it for about a year and a half and was let go at the end of last year due to a company merger, but truthfully wasn't happy. In my unemployed months I did some soul searching and realized recruiting isn't really where I want to be. Having never done an internship through college (I always worked retail or hospitality jobs) coupled with my only corporate job being a recruiter, I struggled transitioning into something new outside of the recruiting/HR related positions I seemed to only be qualified for. As rejection emails piled up for the corporate retail jobs I was applying for, I started to think I was going to be stuck in that box forever. But I kept applying, kept listening to your podcast, and took your advice and truly honed in on my "transferable skills" that my years of retail experience gave me. (All those black friday's I worked couldn't have been for nothing damnit! lol😂) And despite having been a recruiter (who literally prepped people on how to interview) I myself still couldn't shake those pre-interview nerves and would find myself having this "runaway train brain" trying to articulate my skills in relation to X, Y & Z jobs. But when I would listen to your podcast (which your voices alone are very soothing btw) the advice and motivation would help me be the recruiter inside that I needed to be for myself. After 3 rounds of interviews I am happy to say I have accepted an E-Commerce Internship for a reputable retailer and start May 1st. It might sound crazy to be taking an internship at 25 years old but I couldn't be happier knowing this is exactly where I want to be. So thank you so much for what you do and if my comment just so happens to make it on the podcast my advice to others from my own experience is that: You're not married to your first job out of college! And if you're anything like me and youre interested in a lot of different avenues, then it's going to probably take a little while longer then some to figure out exactly where you want to be...just don't rush things. You'll get there at your own pace! Signed, Sealed, Delivered, all the way from NJ, USA💌 -A very happy listener and new career path adventurer✨”

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