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Is it really bad to apply to more than one job at the same company?

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

Ever found yourself scrolling through job listings at a company you're eager to join, only to hesitate when you spot more than one role that piques your interest? We’ve heard the rumours and read the scare tactics - will this make you seem desperate or indecisive and turn off your potential employer?

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Emma break down the factors to consider if you like multiple roles at the same company, and (spoiler alert) how you can apply for more than one at a time in the right way!

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Camila "Hey favourite sisters, I’m an old listener and a great fan of people who help others. I’m a Brazilian living in Perth for the past 5 years and am trying to start my career here. I had almost given up due to all the pressure from learning the language, then my $$$ master's fees, working every single second available in Hospitality and cleaning, COVID, and being an international student. But, then I saw a recommendation for your podcast, and I binged all episodes and still listening back to them! I always recommend them to others who are looking for jobs. I haven’t scored my first job in the field yet, but I got 2 final interviews for the same week… Woohoo (this is for Emma 😉). Sincerely, I was nauseous, it had been 7 years since my last one. I followed the script. I had your voice in my ears until I arrived at the building (“Listen to this RIGHT before your interview”), but not at the elevator, as I didn’t know if I needed to shoot my quick intro. I prepared like a BOSS!! I smiled, clenched my butt, used STAR methods, and took my notebook with my killer questions and some notes about the organisation and interviewers (checked beforehand on LinkedIn). I was planning to get a job first, and then send a few coffees, but it is better to guarantee the good content coming. Thanks, Emma and Sarah, you are awesome."

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