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Interview Boss

So... tell us about yourself - Part 2

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

It’s the kick off to almost every interview, and we KNOW from part 1 that storytelling is so important, but after hundreds of coaching sessions with people prepping for interviews, Sarah has learnt a thing or two about the common challenges people have with their career story.

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Emma go into way more detail about your career story. What is it meant to do, what the common mistakes are, and the questions you can ask yourself to build a GREAT intro straight away.

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Julie “Buying you a round with my first new paycheck! I was starting to feel taken for granted at my old place; we were understaffed and I was nearly the last person in my department, while being kept on a temporary contract. Meanwhile I was concerned that a rocky employment history might mean a long and painful job search like I'd had in the past. I landed an interview for a job that would be a big step up and a 40% pay rise, and the morning of I found your podcast while looking for inspiration. I listened to an episode about 'best bits' and thank goodness I did. The interview was like nothing I'd experienced before, it was almost like a quiz - what are our main markets and how would you grow them, what support do we offer clients and how would you contribute etc. Thanks to preparing my 'best bits' I was ready to proactively showcase the things I wanted to talk about - and absolutely aced the interview, so much so that they offered me the job even though I had a pre-planned holiday during their busiest time of year. When I had my meeting with the VP in charge of my division she told me the interview panel raved about me afterward. Thank you both for your miracle-worker of a podcast!”

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