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Interview Boss

When is it safe to tell your boss you want to leave?

Interview Boss
Interview Boss

How and when do you break the news to your boss that you're ready to spread your wings? Especially when you've been part of a tight-knit team in a small business for years, it's a decision that carries a lot of weight (and feelings of guilt!). 

In this week’s episode Sarah and Emma debate the pros and cons of opening up to your boss before you officially resign, and talk about how you can end up with a win-win. We talk timing, things to consider, and how to actually have the chat. If you’re at a crossroads, this episode is for you!

🏀 Shoot Your Shot - Shoutout to Mimi “After bombing an interview for a job I thought was ideal I began scouring the internet for a resource to prepare for interviews and I found you! I never prepared for an interview before and somehow still got the job. Not anymore it seemed.. Sooo I listened to almost all the episodes about interviews and about rejection and prepared for an interview for what could be my dream job.: picked an outfit, all my "good bits", practiced, and wrote  down tons of questions for "do you have any questions for me?" (Which I blanked on last time). They actually remembered what I asked in this part which was great (Where do you see the company going in the future?) Over 200 applicants applied for this position! And after a zoom interview I was called in (in person!) to let me know that they liked me the best! 😀I'm entering the trial period now so wish me luck. I need to listen to the next episodes hahaha but wanted to express my sincere thank you!”

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