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Introduction to English Wine by Wine List

East Sussex, England


Will Davenport (Davenport Vineyards), Kristin Syltevik (Oxney Organic Estate), Ben Walgate (Tillingham Wines), and David Carr Taylor (Carr Taylor Wines) join the show to discuss wine of East Sussex, England.

Podcast exploring the English wine regions in 2018.

An Introduction to English Wine is a six-part podcast series featuring interviews with winemakers from all over England. It was recorded during the summer of 2018: the 'harvest of a century' for English Wine.

Show guide 2018 was the "vintage of the century" for English wine with one of the best summers on record. Most producers had their biggest harvests on records and early signs of fruit quality look very good. The wines produced from this year are expected to be some of the best ever produced in England. This podcast is produced by Josh Lachkovic, the WSET-qualified founder of Josh's Wine List, a weekly email educating the general wine consumer.