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Intuition Speaks

The Holiday Self Care Guide

Intuition Speaks
Intuition Speaks

Welcome to this week's episode:
I have a beautiful soulful conversation with Monique Vacon of Soul Transformation.
We discuss everything you could need this Holiday Season to help you with keeping up your self care.

We have self care tips for when you are feeling:
🖤You are missing a loved one who passed on.
🖤Left out or being excluded.
🖤When you are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.
🖤You are struggling financially.
🖤You are struggling with setting boundaries or people pleasing.

Our gift to you!
The Holiday Self Care Guide
Worksheets and Tips to help you this holiday season feel at peace, set boundaries, and take back your holiday season.
We've included a Guided Soul Love Meditation and 8D Craniosacral Nervous System Reset Healing Session.

You Can Contact Monique Here:
Instagram: @monique.vacon
Website: www.soultransformationlove.com

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