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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

BONUS EP: The Furniture And Housemate Nightmare Fuel Special


Surprise! Bonus Episode! 
That's right, BONUS! Producer Max did not accidentally schedule the Friday episode to publish a day early. 

Living with friends or a new partner can cause some interesting issues. Especially when it comes to what you have to share in the house!

In this bonus Nightmare Fuel ep, we hear some standard stories of house sharing gone wrong! 

Although Abbie was only expecting to hear cooked furniture and housemate drama from you all... Max decided to put Abbie on the spot about something happening at her home involving Konrad and a draw.

So making his It's A Lot debut, welcome beautiful boyfriend Konrad! 

Send your Nightmare Fuel via voice note to hello@itsalot.com

Host Abbie Chatfield www.instagram.com/abbiechatfield/
Executive Producer: Sam Cavanagh
Producer: Max Corstorphan
Editor: Cei Saunders

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