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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

JIMMY & NATH PART 1: The Best Straight White Men That I Know

In this episode, there are mentions of racism, homophobia, and mental health issues. If any of the topics discussed is triggering for you, maybe skip this one and please seek help by visiting Lifeline's website at https://www.lifeline.org.au/ or by calling 13 11 14

When have we last had a straight white male on the podcast? BARELY EVER! Well, now you have two of the most emotionally intelligent, witty, and just bloody brilliant duo who are Abbie's fave straight men (so far - ya never know). Meet Jimmy and Nath; Abbie's old radio co-hosts. Part two coming out tomorrow.



Host: Abbie Chatfield @abbiechatfield
Guests: Jimmy Smith @jimmysmiththe
Nathan Roye @nathanroye
Executive Producer: Lem Zakharia @lemzakharia
Co-Creative Producer: Oscar Gordon @oscargordon
Social and Video Producer: Amy Code @amycode
Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh

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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield
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