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It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

RAT Tests And Omicron And Anti-Vaxxers, OH MY!


Ever missed a picture perfect moment? Well this episode begins with Max missing Abbie’s burp by a hot second! :’(.
Lot’s has been happening! Abbie has announced a million amazing things, Max got Covid and we check in on New Years resolutions. 


All caught up? Amazing. Time to talk COVID. Let’s chat about why it is still important to be careful during these times! Get your booster!!! Where are the RAT TESTS?! Yes we know you shouldn’t say RAT Tests…

Has Abbie ever mentioned she loves Lime Cordiale?

Anyway, back to COVID chat. Abbie saw a post about an anti-vaxxers covid experience. Time to rage. 

Show Notes: 


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